Vinson Hines Jr.

Vinson Hines Jr. serves as GoTriangle’s chief of operations and director of transit operations. As chief of operations, he is responsible for providing leadership and oversight for the Transit Operations and Regional Partnerships departments, including bus and paratransit operations, vehicle maintenance, safety and security and quality assurance.

Vinson has a 28-year career in the public transportation industry, where he has held a variety of positions beginning as an apprentice with the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Public Transportation Division. He later moved to become a coordinator and a specialist for Fayetteville Area System of Transit and to be a start-up/project/general manager for both MV Transportation Inc. and Laidlaw Transit Services Inc.

Vinson has a bachelor’s degree in transportation and logistics management from North Carolina A&T State University and is a graduate of the North Carolina Transportation Leadership Development Program.




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Chief of Operations
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Hines Jr.