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Adverse Weather Plan

GoTriangle's plan for transit service during snow, sleet or hurricane conditions is based on our policy of continuing bus service at the highest level possible as long as reasonably safe. The plan consists of an abbreviated route system that may go into effect when conditions prevent running an entire bus route. As adverse weather conditions progress, service may start late, end early, or be suspended where accumulation of unplowed snow on major thoroughfares prevents buses from maneuvering. Transit operations are essential and any suspended service will be as brief as possible.


Riding the bus during inclement weather?

For real-time bus schedule and service updates that let you know when your bus will arrive at your stop:

  • Visit GoTriangle homepage for updates and/or sign up for alerts.
  • Call 919-485-RIDE.
  • Visit us on Twitter.
  • You can track bus locations and arrivals in real-time by downloading the Umo App.

Before You Head Out

First, be sure to check the website or call 919-485-7433 for service change information. During the winter, dress in layers of warm clothes and wear slip-resistant footwear in case your bus is delayed. (In bad weather, buses may run behind schedule because operators are asked to drive slowly and put safety first.)

4 Tips for Bus Stop Safety

  1. Arrive at the stop at least 10 minutes before your bus is scheduled to arrive.
  2. Walk—never run—to the bus stop. Running can be dangerous.  Slips and falls are more frequent types of injuries during winter months.     
  3. Keep at least 15 feet between you and the bus as it approaches. Stand back from the curb and only approach the bus after it comes to a complete stop. 
  4. Use handrails when stepping on and off the bus as the front and rear entrances can be slippery. 

There are a few roads that GoTriangle most likely cannot serve during adverse weather.

The following roads are on a grade or are secondary roads that are lightly traveled and usually not treated or plowed.

  • To and around RTC: Pleasant Grove Church Road; Emperor Boulevard from Page Road to Slater Road; Slater Road from Emperor Boulevard to Copley Parkway; Factory Shops Road approaching Airport Boulevard.
  • Routes 100/105: Bridge over 540 on Slater Road, Copley Parkway and Factory Shops Drive
  • Route 300: Bridge over 540 on Slater Road, Carrington Mills, Perimeter Parkway. Chatham Street leaving Cary Train Station
  • Route 301: Walnut Street, Donaldson Drive, Buck Jones Road
  • Routes 305/311: Apex-N.C. 55 and N.C. 64
  • Route 400: University Drive-Chapel Hill Road from SW Durham Drive to Westgate Drive; Westgate Drive from Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard to University Drive; SW Durham Road from Old Chapel Hill Road to U.S. 15-501; Patterson Place Shopping Center
  • Routes 400/405: Franklin Street from Boundary Street to Estes Drive
  • Routes 400/405/700/DRX: Jackson Street from GoDurham Station to Vickers Avenue
  • Routes 700/DRX: Parker Street
  • Route 800: Barbee Chapel Road and Stagecoach Road
  • Routes 800/805/CRX: Raleigh Road between South Road and N.C. 54; McCauley Street from Pittsboro Street and Columbia Street
  • Routes 800/805/400/405: Pittsboro Street at Columbia Street exchange
  • Route CRX: District Drive park-and-ride lot
  • Route DRX: Westgate Drive exiting Carter-Finely park-and-ride lot
  • Route ODX: Durham Tech park-and-ride lot; Washington Street; Richmond Road from U.S. 70; Efland Community Center