What We Do

Bus stops play an important role in how our riders experience transit. GoTriangle is working closely with GoDurham and the City of Durham to continuously improve our bus stops by providing the best amenities for riders as they board and depart the bus. Listening to what riders, businesses, churches, and other community institutions need is a significant part of the process for choosing which bus stop improvements to make.    

GoTriangle is actively improving stops in collaboration with the city to meet Durham’s standards for accessibility, shelter, seating, security, and lighting. Local funding is dedicated each year to bus stop improvements throughout the city. A combination of funds dedicated to transit – a half-cent sales tax, vehicle registration fees, and a vehicle rental tax – along with the city’s Participatory Budgeting program will pay for the improvements.  





Bus Stop Selection

Choosing the next bus stops that qualify for improvements is based primarily on the number of boardings at a stop and how easily the improvements can be made.

  • To qualify for a shelter, a stop must have at least 25 boardings a day.
  • To get a bench, the stop should have at least 10 boardings a day.
  • Other stop infrastructure includes concrete pad, trash receptacle and solar light
  • We also improve bus stops based on community requests



Improvement Process

We identify improvement candidates based on a variety of factors: ridership, proximity to community centers, safety, and community inputs. Once GoTriangle has identified an improvement candidate, the stop will be reviewed for constructability and utility, environmental, permitting, and other property concerns. Once approved, the typical bus stop improvements can be designed and constructed between18 to 24 months, but schedules can vary. Some of the typical improvements include: filling in the grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb with concrete, adding sidewalk connections, upgrading shelters and adding benches, shelters, bike racks, trashcans and pole-mounted solar lights. All new shelters have clear walls and incorporate solar lights.



Share your thoughts

GoTriangle continues to welcome input from members of the community about where possible bus stop improvements are needed. Submit a stop by filling out the form found here.

Current Phase: