If you believe, as we do, that transit is a vital service to Triangle area residents, become a transit ambassador. You will be able to take an active role in promoting transit usage in our community and improving the experience of our riders.

A few of the activities you can expect to participate in as an ambassador include:

  • Providing information about transit services and initiatives to potential riders.
  • Answering questions and helping new and current riders use transit services.
  • Attending monthly meetings and seminars to learn what makes transit work.
  • Assisting staff at public meetings and events.
  • Providing informative feedback to help us improve transit services.

Through volunteering at events and helping riders, ambassadors can make an impact to their community and earn free transit passes.

If you have specific questions about the ambassador program, please contact the Ambassador Program coordinator, Jeffrey Sullivan, at jsullivan@gotriangle.org.

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